Pumpkin Patch

It's officially the best month of the year, October! I absolutely love this month for multiple reasons.

1. It's Jesse & I's birthday month!

2. Fall weather is the best. Period.

3. Fall clothes are also the best (scarves, boots, hoodies, all that good stuff).

4. Bonfires.

5. Drinking hot chocolate every day and not sweating while drinking it.

6. Halloween.

7. Going to a pumpkin patch- which is what we did this afternoon!

Usually I have school/work every day of the week, but right now I'm on fall break! So, Jesse and I decided to go to a pumpkin patch about 30 minutes away from where we live. I was a little more eager than he was, haha, but we both ended up having fun and picked out two cute pumpkins. I don't know why but I always pick out a white pumpkin every year and I kept the tradition alive this time too. Jesse's strategy for picking out a pumpkin was finding the cheapest one that looked the most normal and he did a great job.

Pumpkin patches are so fun and a super cheap/simple thing to do this fall!

Happy pumpkin picking,


Megg Allison1 Comment