Our 1st Home

This is one blog post I'm sure I will look back on and be glad I documented it. Although there's nothing glamorous about our first little apartment it will always be a special place for me because it's Jesse & I's first home. I guess I'll start off with our dining room.

First of all, our kitchen table has the best view. I will miss staring out of the window that overlooks the court square. Some of my favorite memories from our dining room would be:

The first week Jesse & I were married was the week before finals week. So, we stayed at our apartment before going on our honeymoon and I remember sitting in our dining room and eating tons of leftover wedding food. I'm pretty sure I ate cake for multiple meals and was totally okay with it. It's also the place Jesse & I would have bible study together and just sit and ask each other questions to dig deep and get to know each other better.

Next is our living room.

Our living room is hands down my favorite room in our apartment. It's where Jesse & I probably spend 80% of our time. Every time I sit in our living room the over-sized TV on our little table cracks me up. This TV was previously in my parents attic and Jesse repaired it so he would have a bigger view when SEC football started. Maybe one day we will crack down and buy a new place for it, but until then it'll work. There aren't any crazy memories I have from our living room, but it was just the place we always hung out. We talked, we cuddled, we laughed-a lot, had arguments, made up, and it was just a cozy place to be. I took a picture of the Boy Meets World DVD's because up until football season we didn't pay for cable so all summer any time we did watch something it was Boy Meets World.

There is no editing I could ever do to make the lighting in these stairs look good. lol. I'm going totally out of order with this, but whatever. These are the stairs that lead up to our apartment and not even kidding, every time Jesse and I walked in the door it was a race to the top of the stairs. The person that won would always lock the other outside of the door. Except, Jesse always carried his keys so basically I was the only one that every got locked out. haha. I'll miss that.

Our bedroom is super simple and in our new apartment I wanna decorate a bit more but I still love it nonetheless. Before Jesse & I were married we never spent the night with each other so I'll always look back and remember the times I got to have the first sleepovers with my best friend.

I'll always remember having to use the step stool to reach into any of our cabinets and hand-washing 239047239 dishes. I'm convinced dishwashers are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Lastly, is our bathroom. I wasn't even going to include this but I guess I will just for the heck of it. One thing I will remember from the bathroom though is on multiple occasions Jesse taking a pan of cold water and throwing it over the top so I would freeze when I was in the shower. I would always try and get him back, but he was smart and locked the door.

Well, I guess that's it. This little space served us well for our first 7 months of marriage and although I'll miss it I'm excited to make more memories in our new place.

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