a thankful heart

This past week I read this quote:

"Mercy is God giving us what we need when we don't deserve an ounce of goodness. We can't earn it. It's a bold expectation, appealing for mercy when I don't have anything measurable to contribute or to earn for myself. I can't bargain with a Holy God. My appeal for grace is only and always Jesus."

It's easy for me to go throughout the day with a deserving mentality. Not only that, but sometimes I'm not even content with the many things I already have. I want more money, more clothes, more ____ (fill in the blank). When the truth is, I don't deserve anything. Everything I have, big and little is given to me by the mercy of God. This quote immediately convicted me because of how selfish I've become. From now on I want to have a heart filled with thanksgiving instead of it being filled with self-entitlement.

I'm thankful for:

  • my sins being atoned for by the blood & sacrifice of Jesus. (which is a HUGE deal)
  • my sweet husband who loves me so well
  • having family who loves & supports us
  • being able to go to school (even though I don't always love the drive. ha.)
  • Jesse & I's cute little apartment (quirks and all)
  • my sweet friends
  • homemade chocolate cookies *insert heart-eyes emoji*
  • having simple dates at the lake
  • pretty sunrises on my way to school
  • being able to run, even if I'm not super good at it

okay, you get the point.

This next week focus on the things in your life you're thankful for instead of what you don't have. It honestly changed my mood when I did, and more importantly caused me to worship God more.




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