Although I love my digital camera I have always been curious about experimenting with film. I searched different antique stores for awhile to see if I could find a film camera in decent shape but never had any luck. So, I decided to crack down and buy one on Amazon. I went with a Canon AE-1 because personally, I prefer Canon cameras, it was affordable, and from the reviews I read this was a good enough quality camera since I'm just wanting to use it for fun. 

One day, I would love to incorporate film as a part of my business, but I know that would be later down the road. I have always been inspired by Elizabeth Messina's photography after reading her book The Luminous Portrait. 

For now, I'm excited to start shooting and developing my first rolls of film! I will definitely be posting updates on what I think about it compared to digital. I have a feeling this won't be the last film camera I invest in. :)


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