Inspiration Board

After a couple times flipping through wedding magazines they usually end up underneath my coffee table. So, yesterday I decided to put them to use and cut out the pictures that inspire me the most!

Once I cut out all the pictures I loved and put them together like little puzzle pieces on my poster board a few things stuck out to me. Majority of the photos are taken outside in glowy golden hour light and they are capturing natural emotion of the couple. I also added in some pretty floral arrangements and detail shots for good measure. 

Doing an actual collage is more time consuming than a Pinterest board, but I love how I have a tangible piece of photography inspiration hanging on my wall every day! Also, if there are any future brides who are reading this post I honestly think it would be beneficial to create one of these to get inspiration for your own wedding!

I always think it's good to find ways to fuel your passion for the things you love and this is one way that helped me! :) 

Megg AllisonComment