Wades Creek Greenhouses | Lifestyle Session

Meagan & Travis Palmer are the owners of Wades Creek Greenhouses, a local business located in Kirksey, Kentucky that sells all different types of plants and flowers. Last month (as you can tell I'm behind on blogging) they asked if I would photograph their greenhouse, and I ended up doing a lifestyle session inside their home as well.

Although I only photographed a couple rooms in their house, I love how throughout it there are eclectic pieces that represent who they are. They enjoy reading, traveling, and spending quality time with one another whether it's studying or being in their greenhouse. They're basically just two really cool people and I'm thankful I got to spend an evening with them doing my first in-home lifestyle session. :) 

Also, Meagan has her own blog you can follow at www.noveltiesandtrinkets.com

Here is a peek of the day-to-day lives of the Palmers...

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