Since I’ll be blogging more frequently I wanted to make a set day where I post for the week. Since Jesse is typically gone longer on Wednesdays I figured it would be a good time for me to write my post to go up the following day. Each week I will post a “Thursday Thoughts”. These posts won’t have any specific topic; they will simply be about whatever is on my heart during the week. My goals for the posts I write on here are to be transparent and encouraging for those who are reading.

I don’t know why, but I always get nervous to write about spiritual things. Not because I’m ashamed of my faith by any means, but because I’m afraid of saying something wrong or heretical on accident. This week I wanted to write about the fact that we as humans are all hungry for something. This does apply in a physical sense, but in a spiritual way as well.

As I said before, I want to be transparent with you who are reading. To be totally honest I have been struggling spiritually for quite a few months. There are times in my walk with Jesus I am on fire for Him and other times where I am going through a complete dry spell. Right now, I am coming out of the latter. I have made attempts to read scripture, but haven’t meditated on it. I have prayed, but they have all been very selfish and rushed. I have made Sunday school lessons, but they were thrown together and not thought out. Have any of you ever been through one of these times? It’s awful, and I never know when the apathy is going to end.

Today I got home from work and felt so spiritually drained. I knew I couldn’t go another day without spending intentional time with God- I missed Him. So, I did what any girl would do and packed my bags and went to Panera Bread. :) Haha. It’s one of the most relaxing places in my opinion. Anyways, I started reading through the Lysa TerKeurst Bible study I’m going through over Jesus’s I Am statements and the first one was, “I am the Bread of life.” I won’t go into detail about what all I learned, but two verses that stuck out to me were John 6:27 and 35. They read:

“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you.” (John 6:27)

 “Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)

 I immediately felt convicted and knew I had been hungering for the food that perishes mentioned in the first verse. A few ways I know my life is being filled with the world are when my thoughts, time, actions, and money are being aimed at things that are not eternal.

My thoughts were constantly filled with things concerning photography, negative thoughts about work, negative thoughts about home life (cleaning), wanting more money, selfish thoughts about myself, and food. My time was spent at work, but in my free time I would choose to read other books over scripture, read blogs about photography, work out, and watch YouTube (I love vlogs). My actions were being fueled by my own strength and not God’s. I was not putting any effort into praying for others, encouraging, or focusing on anyone but myself. My money is always spent more frequently when I am not being satisfied in Christ. I look to find satisfaction in “things”.

But God is gracious and always draws my fleeting heart back to Himself! I feel so full after spending time with Him. If you don’t have a relationship with Christ then this feeling of being fulfilled by His presence alone will be foreign. Trust me, I didn’t become a Christian until I was 18 years old and got annoyed when people got excited about Jesus because I thought it was fake. Then God radically changed my life and heart and I know His presence is very real.

I write all of this to say this, we are all hungry for something. We are either desiring the perishing food of the world or the eternal food found in Christ alone. How can you know which one you’re craving? Look at what you’re thinking about, how you’re spending your time, what your actions are motivated by, and what you’re spending your money on. Those things will point you in the direction of your heart’s desires.

If you find that you fall under the category of wanting what the world has to offer then just know, whether you’re a believer or not, it won’t fill you, but always leave you hungry. As Ecclesiastes states, it’s nothing but “a chasing after the wind.”

If you fall under the category of chasing after the true Bread of life and seeking after eternal things, then that’s awesome! True satisfaction is found in the Presence and pursuit of God.

As I said in the beginning, I want to encourage whoever is reading this blog. Don’t get too discouraged if you’re in a dry spell in your relationship with God- it happens to everyone! Don’t act like you’re ok either and go through the motions pretending you’re fine. Make sure you let someone know how you’re doing so they can pray and come alongside to help you. If you read this blog and aren’t a Christian at all but are interested in learning more then I encourage you to read through the gospel of John. It’s all about the life of Jesus. I know from personal experience chasing after the world’s desires is so tiring, find rest in Him alone.

Well, that’s my Thursday thought for the week! If you read through the whole thing, then kudos to you! I hope you left a little more encouraged by the end of it then you did at the beginning.

Happy Thursday!


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