I can’t believe in less than a week it will already be the beginning of a new month! I know February is a short month, but it seriously flew by for me. I just wanted to do a super simple blog post today of my February favorites in an ABC format. I got this idea from another blog I follow (www.theherrintons.com). They're a husband + wife videography team and I love following along with their business. February has been such a refueling month. Here are some of my favorites from it: 

February Favorites

App – I just got Marco Polo and it’s pretty cool (basically a video walkie-talkie app)

Book – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Color – turquoise

Drink – Shirley Temple! (it’s just sprite and cherry, nothing crazy)

Emoji – upside-down smiley face

Food – chicken “no noodle” soup- you can find the recipe here!

Gift – ipod nano (I feel like I’m in middle school all over again with my ipod, but it’s super handy for running and not wanting to be distracted by texts)

Hairstyle- messy wavy hair straight out of the shower or any type of dutch braid

Indulgence- chocolate chip cookies. always.

Jeans – old navy olive jeans

Knack – running! half-marathon training is in full swing

Location – nashville

Music – I’ve been listening to podcasts instead of music lately (Goal Digger is my favorite, but I just recently started listening to Signposts and that one is good too!)

Netflix – I never really watch Netflix, but I love Fixer Upper and Counting On!

Outfit – workout clothes all the way since I dress up for work everyday  

Purchase – I’m still loving the fact I got a membership to Honeybook (having contracts, payments, questionnaires all in one place is a dream)

Quote- “Thinking about, talking about, and worrying about something is not the same as praying about it.” –Lysa TurKeurst

Restaurant- Sky Blue Café

Song- Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson (I love throwbacks)

Trip- Louisville to see the Duncans :)

Unbox- new books from Amazon!

Vegetable- spaghetti squash! I’m obsessed.

Word- consistency

Xerox- lots of 3rd grade papers

YouTube Channel- Aspyn and Parker

Zipcode – 37210, I love going on dates in Nashville!

Those are a few of my February favorites! I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the warmer-than-usual weather. 

Happy Thursday! :)