2017 Yearly Goals + January Monthly Goals

Happy 2017! :) I can't believe it's already the beginning of a new year. As excited as I am about what's to come I love looking back and reflecting over the previous year. 2016 held so many great memories for Jesse & I. 

In 2016...

I ran a 1/2 marathon. Jesse & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! I graduated college. I began shooting my first full wedding season. Jesse & I traveled to California and explored San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. In August I started teaching 3rd grade. Jesse & I bought our first home (after moving 5 times since we have been married)!! 

Other exciting memories not pictured: 

Spring break mission trip to Sacaton, Arizona, my best friend getting engaged (!!), my other best friend having a baby (!!), and Jesse getting a new job! 

I am so thankful for all that God has done and taught us this past year and can't wait for what's to come. Now that I've recapped this past year I'm ready to move on to my goals for 2017!! 

2017 Yearly Goals

I'm not naturally great at goal-setting so before I started writing my own I looked at how other bloggers came up with their own goal list. One technique I really loved was breaking your goals up into different categories. I broke mine up into 7 different parts: Spiritual, Family, Work, Finances, Physical, Intellectual, Social. Here are all of my goals broken up into these different parts: 


- Have weekly sabbaths
- Memorize 3 chapters of scripture (currently doing Romans 8)
- Join a precept group at my church


- Go on a vacation with Jesse
- Have date nights 2 times a month
- Take personal photos each month for photo memory box + create yearly photo album
- Surprise Jesse with a random date night or mini-trip :)
- Eat at home more than we eat out


- Blog weekly (I completely failed at this last year and I am really serious about it in 2017)
- Invest in new equipment
- Do continual learning (go to a conference or photography workshop)
- Make my client experience more professional and better overall (questionnaire, wedding albums, customized USB + boxes, new pricing sheet) 
- Get featured


- Start a travel fund to go to Italy (!!) (I have always wanted to go to Italy before Jesse & I have children) 
- Fill out new monthly budgeting excel sheet now that Jesse has a new job


- Run the Murray 1/2 marathon
- Complete a whole month of Whole30 (starting today!) 


- Begin my MA in TESOL (teaching english to speakers of other languages) in the fall at Murray State
- Read at least 8 books (hopefully more)


- Use our new home to have people over each month to hang out and fellowship

Those are my 21 yearly goals!! I definitely think all of them are achievable, but they will take some discipline on my part. Now that I have all my yearly goals written down I will break them up into monthly goals!

January Monthly Goals

- Have 4 Sabbaths (1 per week)
- Continue memorizing Romans 8
- Have 2 date nights with Jesse
- Take photos of little moments + print them off at the end of the month
- Weekly meal-prep/dinner planning
- Write atleast 4 blog posts
- Begin working on organizing questionnaire + pricing sheet in Honeybook
- Research + choose a vendor for client photo albums + custom branding
- Save $$ towards travel fund
- Read 1/8 of my books (I'm beginning with this one)
- Be intentional and invite a group of our friends over or host small group at our house

I can't believe I'm finally at the end of this blog post! Even if it took a little extra time, I'm so glad I made yearly goals for 2017! I hope this inspired you a little to make some goals of your own. I'm gonna wrap this post up and just say Happy New Year!! :) 

I LOVE reading other people's goals. If you made some of your own I would love it if you left them in the comments below. 

Happy 2017,



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