Our little fam is moving to Jackson, TN in the fall! I am not able to give details about ‘why’ just yet, but we are very excited and know this move is 100% a calling from God. This also means there has been many questions floating through my mind on what to do with my photography business. Start fresh? Travel back to Murray? Quit altogether? I have considered all of them, and if you are a bride who has inquired in the past several months you know I have not been accepting weddings until this question was answered. Sadly, I have missed out on some amazing potential brides, but thank you for being understanding!

After prayerfully considering what to do, I am not fully stepping away from my photography business. However, I will be taking substantially less weddings (5-10) and sessions so I can enjoy being home with our sweet Annie Moon! I absolutely LOVE the work I get to do, the people I am able to meet, and the stories I get to document that are passed down for decades. It is something I don’t take lightly and find deep joy in, but there has been a shift since becoming a mom. In our society there is a lot of pressure to do it all— I have followed that model for too long and it has left me with a weary heart. Maybe you are in the same boat and can empathize. If so, I hope Matthew 11:28-30 will encourage you. Time is something we cannot buy or get back. Time with my husband and daughter is more important to me than extra income could ever afford. The shepherding of her soul is the greatest job I have right now.

With that being said, I will also be less present on social media the next few months since we will be spending our last summer in Murray! I will be posting on here occasionally if you would like to pop-in and if you are interested in keeping up with my photography then follow the tag #meggallisonphotography on Instagram. This year is only beginning and I am excited for the stories I will continue to document in 2019 (it’s been the best year yet)! This is just a heads-up for what is to come for 2020 bookings and beyond.

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