Drew & Sydney | Belle Meade Plantation Wedding

Drew & Sydney's wedding day was special to me for many different reasons. My husband lived with Drew in college, so of course I was always hanging out over there all the time too. I remember when Drew came home from his first dates with Sydney and go on and on about how amazing AND beautiful he thought she was. I've gotten to watch their relationship evolve from a christ-centered friendship to a godly marriage and its been so sweet.

Their wedding took place at the Belle Meade Plantation in Tennessee and it was absolutely beautiful. Before we got to the grounds Sydney & her dad got to have a really sweet moment together before the wedding day started. I have never seen a dad love his daughter more and I know he must think a whole lot of Drew because he wouldn't give his daughter away to anyone but the man he had prayed for all along. 

Once everyone was ready everything quickly took off, but there are two things I want to point out about this day that were just so perfect- the first look being one of them. When Sydney tapped Drew on the shoulder and saw his bride for the first time it was the sweetest thing ever. His facial expression went from speechless (because she looked so stunning), to excited, joyful and I honestly can't put into words how amazing it was to document such a special moment and hear the sweet words exchanged between the two. The second thing I loved about their wedding day was how they washed each others feet, symbolizing how they would love and serve one another all their lives just as Jesus lovingly humbled himself and served us.

I could go on & on about how much I loved being a part of this day and how beautiful it was, but you can see it for yourself in the pictures below! Here are a few of my favorite photos from Drew & Sydney's wedding day... enjoy! :)

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